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Domande (FAQ)

What does offer? Have I to open an account? Who can open an account? Why should I provide my personal details? Which personal details are mandatory? May I modify my personal details? Username (user login) Conferming the e-mail Junk e-mail / Spam e-mail Restore Password Secure payments and SSL certificate Which payment-methods do you accept? Can I subscribe to more than one tipster? Where do I see my balance? Can I double check my purchases? May I receive a refund of my purchase? Satisfaction insurance How may I use the coupon? Paypal Skrill Neteller PaysafeCard Rapid Transfer (quick bank wire without extra costs) STRIPE (credit cards and debit cards) How do I buy one tip? What is meant by subscription? How long a subscription lasts? How are the tips (predictions)? Where are the tips (active tips)? How do I receive the tips? I did subscribe for a tipster, when do I receive the first tip? I did subscribe but I have received no tips yet? Cannot remember which tipster(s) I subscribed to? May I cancel or change a subscription? Can I extend the duration of an already purchase subscription? Why do I see only single and double bets? How may I earn money quickly? What is meant with Profit? What is meant with Yield? Which bookmaker should I use? How much money should I bet? What is an odd with “Handicap”? Why can I not access to my Pronostiok account? I did open an account but I have not received the confirmation email I do not receive your emails / I am not receiving your emails I use the app PronostiOK but I do not receive the notifications Why is not the App in the stores yet? I wish to change my e-mail address (user login).