Gamble Responsibly

Gamble Responsibly

The game is forbidden to minors and can cause pathological addiction.
PronostiOk is not a bookmaker, but a platform that connects people with professional tipster. A tipster is a sports analyst and, in order to receive his advices, a customer needs to open an account and subscribe. At the time of registration, the customer must enter name, surname, birth data, sex, e-mail, city, country and some other personal information. By opening an account on the customer is responsible for having read and accepted "Terms and Conditions" and being of full legal age to place bets in the country where he resides.
With the knowledge that online gambling could cause addiction, PronostiOk supports initiatives related to responsible gaming.

1. To ensure that gamble is always an entertainment and has no potential negative repercussions, it is advisable to follow these suggestions:
• Gamble only if you are of full legal age
• Decide a budget of money, decide how much you can invest in gambling activities
• Consider that the money for gambling is the price for your entertainment
• Consider not only the probabilities of winning but also the probabilities of loss
• Do not bet money that you cannot afford to lose
• Avoid spending on gamble money destinated to other purposes
• Avoid considering gamble as a definitive solution to problems
• Consider self-restraint and respect the limits set
• Ask for help if you think you are spending too much or gambling too frequently

2. Useful links for responsible online gambling
If you are concerned about gambling addiction problems, you can contact one of these organizations:
Giocatori Anonimi

3. Responsible gambling - active tools on bookmaker-sites
Bookmakers have a "Responsible Gambling" or “Gamble aware” section and offer a range of tools that customers can use in order to gamble safely and responsibly.

A) Deposit and/or wagering limits

To safeguard you during the gambling activity and not lose control, many bookmakers offer the possibility to set a maximum limit on deposits on a daily, weekly and monthly basis and also a maximum limit on a daily, weekly and monthly basis or even on a single betslip.

B) Self-exclusion

To safeguard you during the gambling activity and not lose control, many bookmakers offer the possibility to request a forced interruption from the gamble activity for a certain period of time.

4. Protection of minors
The spread of the Internet has brought with it the need for greater parental control over the activity of children. In order to protect minors from using the network in the wrong way, PronostiOk recommends using filtering software to block access.


• Do not leave the computer unattended
• Protect your computer with a password
• Do not let people under the age of 18 participate in the gambling business