Guide : What is PronostiOk?

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PronostiOk means experience, trasparency and professionalism.

What is PronostiOk?

PronostiOk is a platform that brings you in touch with sports betting experts which generate profits for many years.

Our analysts are carefully selected and have considerable experience with online betting. Their daily study of current statistics and information allows them to advise you on how and how much to bet.

PronostiOk is not a bookmaker and does not accept bets. When a Tipster publishes a tip (prediction), he provides the event, the stake, the odd and even a bookmaker. You receive a notification via App and Email and you can bet wherever you prefer.

Browse through the pages of our website, you can consult for free the statistics and predictions posted in the previous months. Choose the tipster who better fits your style and follow his advices.

To earn your trust, we have an unmissable "Satisfaction Insurance" offer: if the first tipster you have chosen does not make a profit during the period of your subscription, we will send you a coupon for the equal price.

Esperience, trasparency and professionalism

The winning features of our service are:

1. Clear statistics for each Tipster

Choose the analyst to follow by consulting his progress. Each Tipster has a detailed page with lots of information and betting picks added in the past. The odds are always equal to higher than 1.80.

2. Notification time slot

The Tipsters publish their tips in the time slot 10:30 am - 23:30 CET, which means no tips in the middle of the night. For each new betting pick you immediately receive an app notification latest 30 minutes before the event starts (so that you have enough time to place your bet).

3. Self-made subscription

Choose the duration of the subscription and purchase with a secure method. Furthermore, for your very first subscription the "Satisfaction Insurance" offer is automatically activated.

4. Guide and Simulator

We have created several pages that collects all the guide information necessary to help you understanding how to take advantage of following an expert tipster.

It's all very simple! Several thousand customers have already joined us.

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It's all very simple! Several thousand customers have already joined us.

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