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Who is Tipster?

The word "Tipster" comes from the term "tip", which means suggestion. A sports Tipster analyses events, statistics and information and in order to suggest predictions to those who are interested.

The tipster is a consultant who provides advices, which, if followed in the right way, can create value.

The keys to his success depend by the continuous study of sports-news in combination with a mix of essential characteristics, those that we at PronostiOk define ICED:

Intelligence - Consciousness - Experience - Discipline


Why does a tipster sell his predictions?

A common feature of all sports analysts is that they started to provide predictions for free, for fun, among friends. Subsequently, in case of good results, it is considered to share the skill with a wider audience.

At PronostiOk we share the idea that bets should never become a gamble! Conscientious tipsters do not wager too much to avoid falling into "gambling addiction".

It must be clear that a sports analyst is not a magician and does not have a crystal ball. There is no mathematical method or algorithm for winning bets.

The good Tipsters, those who give winning predictions for a long time, never raise the stakes and follow very specific rules (which we describe in the paragraphs for Budget Management). Since the stakes do not increase, betting profits do not even increase.

Considering the hours, energy and resources invested in analysing historical series, statistics and current news, some Tipsters have made this activity a full-time job and therefore they ask for a small amount in exchange for their advice.

May I rely on a tipster? Why should pay for a tipster?

Many people see bets as fun, others as an investment method. The features in common are the thrill of victory and the risk of losing money.

Behind the predictions of football, tennis, basketball, baseball, horse racing, rugby, hockey and any other sport there is so much information and so much work. It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of the teams or players on which to bet, the style of play and capabilities of a coach, eventual injuries of key players, company situation and importance given to seasonal goals.

Intelligence, Consciousness, Experience and ... Discipline! Subscribing to a PronostiOk tipster subscription means trusting an analyst with these characteristics. An intelligent person, prepared, experienced and with common sense, a person who knows what he does and works actively to create a positive ROI (Yield) in the medium-long term.

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