Guide : How to choose a Tipster?

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How to choose a Tipster?

In order to choose a tipster you have to consider the statistics of the previous months and for the correctness of the evaluation it is necessary to have available tables and detailed information. The choice of the Tipster may be based on profits, on the percentage of Yield (called also ROI), on sports, on type of predictions, on average odds or even on the cost of the subscription.

Many European Tipsters are specialist in football, the most popular and loved sport in the world. The style might be very different from analyst to analyst and the simplest advice that we give you is to view the tables of the results obtained in the past and the characteristics of the tips provided during last months.

On PronostiOk you can find the Tipster who loves to identify games where there will probably be many goals and therefore predicts the result "over" or rather those who take the advantages of the Asian handicap odds; or those who study and specialize on few championships and countries and those who try to take advantage of all the opportunities that happen on a much larger umbrella of events.

Features of our Tipsters

The Tipsters of PronostiOk must follow very specific guidelines. In addition to the more technical specificities such as minimum odd, type of events, stake parameters, time slot of the upload and other factors, the common characteristic of all our analysts is the "discipline".

PronostiOk is not a platform where anyone can become Tipster, there are no novice bettors or punters. On our platform you find only intelligent, prepared, expert Tipsters who know what they do.

A mathematical method to win with bets does not exist and will never exist, and there are no possibilities to create a smart and modern logarithm that guarantees a constant profit. A robot can coldly analyse numbers and series but cannot predict the human dynamics of sport. An algorithm can analyse the flow of bets and indicate the dropping odds, but it does not mean that such prediction is a winning pick.

Our Tipsters are real people and have a thorough knowledge of the teams or tennis players to bet on, of the place where the event takes place and of the weather conditions, the form of the players and the importance of the seasonal goals.

Beware of those who propose the scientific method to win bets, trust the analysts at PronostiOk

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