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Medium-long term concept

The professional tipster has a medium to long-term winning perspective. On the other hand, the person who hopes to make a quick profit ends up losing all his capital.

It is important to decide a monthly or annual bankroll and learn to manage it. It doesn't matter if sports bets are considered just a way to have fun or extra income, sports betting can be a form of investment.

It is clear that it is not possible to win every bet, you can experience negative weeks or months, but during a season the professional tipsters create profit.

Single or double bets

We all know that the more events we add to the ticket, the lower the chances of winning. It is no coincidence that the bookmakers offer excellent bonuses for each extra odd added to the betting slip and that they accept with pleasure the multiple bets. Even though everybody understands it, a lot of people loves and keep placing combi bets. Most punters prefer to bet a small amount on a betting slip with many events, but very often they lose.

The professional tipster prefers single bets or eventually bets with maximum two teams. He prefers to invest a higher amount on a carefully analysed event rather than a small amount on a combi bet that in over 99% of losing chances.

Availability of odds

Who decides to rely on a Tipster should have the possibility to bet as he does. That means that this person should be able to find odds like those published by the tipster and, in addition, should be able to place the stake that he prefers.

In addition to having a clear and immediate notification system, PronostiOk has guidelines for which the Tipsters must provide odds of the most followed and high liquidity sports events.

In this way our customers have the possibility to find in an easy way the odd of the event both on the indicated bookmaker and possibly on other bookmakers.

Total profits and monthly profits

The total profits are the earnings created by the Tipster from the moment he started to post predictions on the PronostiOk platform. For simplicity, the statistics are also listed for calendar months, but a customer can subscribe at any time.

It is important to point out that the profits derive from the average bet, which for our Tipsters is around 40 to 60 units. This does not mean that the medium-long term profits can be greater if the stake are in a different proportion, as we indicate in section  2.2 – Bankroll Management: How much to bet

Note: considering that the site was created in March 2018, for fairness with our customers we publish picks and statistics only from that moment. We would like to emphasize that our Tipsters work actively by providing many hundreds of tips and have generated positive yield and profits for many years.

Yield, a figure to be interpreted in the right way

Yield (in some cases also called Roi) is the return of investment generated by the predictions (and it is indicated in %). According to common opinion, a expert analyst is considered a competent Tipster when he has provided at least 250 tips and his yield is between 3 and 13%.

This percentage figure should not confuse you. If you are interested in following a Tipster, please do NOT believe that an initial capital of ten thousand (10,000) euro is needed to make any noteworthy earnings. It is possible to start following a professional analyst even with a limited budget, for greater understanding we invite you to check in our simulator and complete the reading of the guide.

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