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The stake to bet

PronostiOk is an international platform with customers from all over the world. When they publish a forecast, our Tipsters enter a stake between 5 and 100, but avoid writing the currency (euro, dollar, kuna, etc.) to avoid confusion.

Based on your budget / bankroll / capital, in short, based on your wallet and your possibilities, you should decide how to follow the advice of the predictor and therefore how much to bet.

Giving a look at the odds of the past months and the statistics of our predictors, you may note that the suggested stake is on average between 40 and 60 units. Nevertheless, a customer can adapt his bets to his wallet and then choose one of the proportions listed below.

The customer can decide whether to place all bets or just a part, but the team of PronostiOk recommends that you follow all the tips and decide whether:

a) to bet always the same stake (amount) suggested by the tipster or

b) to bet always the half stake (amount) suggested by the tipster or

c) to bet always a third of the stake (amount) suggested by the tipster or

d) to bet always a quarter of the stake (amount) suggested by the tipster or

e) to bet always the double of the stake (amount) suggested by the tipster or

f) to bet always three times, four times or five times (etc.) the stake (amount) suggested by the tipster.


Some of our clients shared with us the info that they feel confortable with our tipsters and use to bet 10 times the suggested stake. According to that, they have made a great profit in a full season. 

We have created the a winnings  "Simulator" to show the progress of each of our predictors in the season 2018/2019.

We wish to underline that at each Tipster can occur a negative series of 5, 6, or 7 consecutive losing predictions, or vice versa a positive series with 5, 6, or 7 consecutive winning predictions. So the bankroll must foresee this possibility and the choice of the initial stake is fundamental.

On PronostiOk we only want Tipsters that are winning in the medium-long term and at the end of a season they have created gains for those who follow them correctly.

We suggest our customers to take a look at the page of a tipster, in particular the "Old Tips" and the "Statistics", and to choose the right stake to be able to follow all the tips provided during the subscription´s period.


Important observations about the stake to choose

PronostiOk invites the customer to consider that it is not possible to win every bet, negative weeks or months can occur, but in the course of a season or a year profits can be created. Our team recommends choosing one of the above proportions and applying it in the medium to long term.

Going back to the tables with the statistics and the tips of the previous months, you may note that the number of predictions changes from Tipster to Tipster. Some provide between 15 and 25 tips every 30 days; others instead go from 35 to 50. Some are specialized in the few leagues and others vary in more types of events and sports.

To best choose how much to bet on each tip, the customer must consider the number of tips he will probably receive during the subscription period. The budget should be managed intelligently, considering that there may be negative series and positive series.

Our advice is to subscribe only to one or at most two Tipsters and to follow all the predictions with one of the proportions indicated.

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