Guide : The choice of the bookmaker

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The choice of the bookmaker

The question "where to bet" is as simple as it is complex. The most famous features of sports betting agencies can be listed in the following way:

- High number of events

- Number of odds offered on a single event

- Quality of odds

- Betting limits

- Speed in paying out

- Accepted payment methods

- Welcome bonus

- Bonus on combi bets (betting slip with multiple events)

- Additional services, such as VIP programs

- Additional features, such as the possibility of playing Poker or Casino

- Quality and speed of the support team

- License of the bookmaker

- Solidity and seriousness of the bookmaker (regardless of the license)

PronostiOk is an international platform and, to be fair with its customers, asks its Tipster to take into consideration bookmakers with precise quality standards.

As a consultant, the Tipster seeks to provide the better odd of the market but takes into consideration a panorama of international and famous bookmakers for the seriousness and solidity of the service.

The immediacy of App notifications means that the customer can bet on a odd similar to the one indicated. The simplest thing for the customer is to place on the same bookmaker indicated by the Tipster. In addition to that, there are further important observations to be underlined

Important observations about bookmakers

In order to obtain profits and yield similar to the Tipster it would be enough to bet on the suggested bookmaker and adapt the stake as indicated in paragraph  2.2 - How much to bet

Nevertheless, the customer is free to place his bets where he prefers and in some cases he could take advantage of opportunities that allow him to create extra profits. For example, it could:

- bet on a national bookmaker that offers a better odd for the same event

- bet on a bookmaker offering a welcome bonus

- bet on a bookmaker to which you have been loyal

- bet on a bookmaker with VIP program

- bet on a bookmaker with very high limits and liquidity

In any case, it remains assured that our Tipsters will never indicate a bookmaker with a dubious quality of service.

PronostiOk means experience, transparency and professionalism.

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