PronostiOk : Complete Guide

Read our complete guide to discover all the features of our service.

In this section you will find all the information you need to understand the PronostiOk service and start receiving winning predictions.

Guide Capitol 1

1.1 What is PronostiOk and how does it work? >
Find out what we offer and why many people already rely on us
1.2 – Who is a Tipster and why should I trust him? >
That's why relying on a Tipster car. be beneficial
1.3 Which Tipster should I follow? >
Give a look at the information and choose your Tipster

Guide Capitol 2
Bankroll Management

2.1 Basic concepts >
Evolve your way of meaning sports betting tips
2.2 How much to bet >
Calculate the budget to invest in predictions
2.3 Where to bet >
Read our suggestions about where to place bets

Guide Capitol 3
How to follow the predictions

3.1 Tips details and abbreviations >
Here is an explanation of the abbreviations used by our Tipsters
3.2 Odds with Handicap >
Learn to distinguish European from Asian handicap
3.3 Examples With Asia Handicap >
We clarify with examples how the Asian Handicap works

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